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Our Kickstarter Starter

As I have gone on about, we are trying to get a Greeting Card business off the ground.  We are now up to the part of the adventure where we raise money for new computers through a Kickstarter campaign. You … Continue reading

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Laura’s Whales

Recently, I asked a friend to subscribe.   The request was met with the the question, “Are there whales on the blog?”.  Sadly, there were not.  I thought it a lost opportunity.  My mistake.  My friend’s email address popped onto … Continue reading

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Spring Rain Part 2

Meanwhile, back in the yard it is still raining and the birds are still eating.  This is nesting season.  A great deal of work is waiting to be done.  The sort that works up an avian appetite. Of course, nesting … Continue reading

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Hot Mustard

The rain has changed.  It is warmer, fragrant and falling more gently.  Spring is here. Last weekend we returned to the Napa Valley.  Intending to capture video of the wind and rain as it played with the mustard cover crop.  … Continue reading

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Sunrise Shores

The sun never even makes an appearance in this week’s movie.  But as it rises it dramatically alters the look of the entire scene.  The three short clips knitted together  today display a couple of different SlowTV strengths. Before the … Continue reading

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Look, Sea

There is almost always a camera in the car these days.  Ten weeks in I am still excited about SlowTV idea.  Most of the time. On this particular day I was running an unrelated errand.  The weather was cold and … Continue reading

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It isn’t every day that a full moon sets into the ocean at dawn when the weather is clear enough to see it.  It is one of the more rare things I have been lucky enough to see and film.  … Continue reading

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