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Something totally new to this blog. Video with a very small story arch. It has been a couple of weeks since the last post and this is getting a lot of good reviews so I am crossing the line from … Continue reading

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As hot and dry as it is, Palm Springs does receive the occasional summer storm. The clouds roll up, wind whips the foliage, lightening sparks, thunder rolls and almost none of the rain reaches the the 104 degree ground. But … Continue reading

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Magnolia Buzz

It hasn’t been a productive summer in terms of yard work.  Too much time at the keyboard.  So blooms on the magnolia tree came as a surprise.  Something that was no secret to the bees. The result is this my … Continue reading

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Fog Blog

Along the coast of the San Francisco peninsula fog doesn’t settle.  It invades. The fog spends it’s day piling up on the ocean side of the hills.  As the day wears on some of it rises to the level of … Continue reading

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Fireworks for the 4th

There is no other country where the cloak and dagger crowd  lives in fear of their employees and lots of countries where employees live in fear of the cloak and dagger crowd.  Reason enough to love the United States of … Continue reading

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Welcome to California

Who needs trumpets?  When it is really Spring in California the announcement is orange.  Bright glorious orange.  Last week’s flowers required a long drive.  These beauties were down the street.  Spring has arrived in our corner of California. This Poppy … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ Como

Our day to day is rush and bother about greeting cards.  However, in blog time we are still in Europe.  Specifically, along the shore of Lake Como.  If only… I’ve known Lake Como forever.  Murals decorated the walls of my … Continue reading

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