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Fireworks for the 4th

There is no other country where the cloak and dagger crowd  lives in fear of their employees and lots of countries where employees live in fear of the cloak and dagger crowd.  Reason enough to love the United States of … Continue reading

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Our Kickstarter Starter

As I have gone on about, we are trying to get a Greeting Card business off the ground.  We are now up to the part of the adventure where we raise money for new computers through a Kickstarter campaign. You … Continue reading

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Finding Joy

If you aim the camera enough a little luck will find it’s way in.  Last week the star of today’s video wandered into the yard while we happened to be standing at the kitchen window.  We were getting ready to … Continue reading

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Olive’s Birthday Card

One of my cousin’s has a beautiful daughter named Olive.  Today (April 10th) is her third birthday.  In honor of the occasion Karen and I set out to produce a cute little greeting. The result was a two and a … Continue reading

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Bear with me

Anan Creek may not appear to have much in common with the Grand Banks of Canada or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  It’s location is remote, thirty miles south east of Wrangell, Alaska.  Which is in turn, one hundred and … Continue reading

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Orange you glad?

Several of the clips I used last week were real favorites.  Putting them in to see how they played was like playing with sketches ahead of painting the actual picture.  It is a great rationalization.  But the intent of the … Continue reading

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