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Proud as a

If pride goes before a fall then this old boy should probably not look down.  It was pretty clear he thought this fifty square yards of Florida was his.  Maybe it is. I think there is a graduation card in … Continue reading

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Bathing Beauties

Come on in.  The water is fine. The birds splash and the sun turns the drops into flying crystals.  Not that they notice.  Though our avian friends do seem to enjoy themselves, even as they protect their precious pecking order. … Continue reading

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Suburban Sprawl

Sprawl has made it’s way to Moraga.  Not the human kind.  That has been here for a while.  We are talking the avian variety.  Some of you will remember the 2010 Christmas DVD built around three bird feeders.  A great … Continue reading

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Good Grooming

It turns out there is a middle ground in the nature versus nurture argument.  Even the creator’s best work requires a little regular fluffing.  Genes aren’t enough.  If you want to wow the crowd grooming is essential. It seems that … Continue reading

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Duck, Duck, Dog

There was life in the Loire Valley once.  It was the place to be.  Catherine de Medici’s insisted on it and rewarded herself by carving her initials into any number of buildings. Things have not been the same since the … Continue reading

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Picnic with the Birds

We had to leave Yosemite but we were not ready to leave our private world.  We took back roads home.  As we went by this pond the sound of birdsong made it’s way into the car despite the road noise. … Continue reading

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Bear with me

Anan Creek may not appear to have much in common with the Grand Banks of Canada or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  It’s location is remote, thirty miles south east of Wrangell, Alaska.  Which is in turn, one hundred and … Continue reading

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