Pretty Provence

We have landed in Lorgue, France.  It is well east of last summers haunt in St. Remy.  Though just as French and just as warm.  Not that heat bothers the lavender.  Or the bees.

This years retreat certainly looks French.  Especially with the Deux Chevaux parked out front.  It doesn’t get much more French than that.  See for yourself.

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Flowers and Music for Mother’s Day

Karen set out to capture the swaying Iris.  My assignment was the music.  This week we offer up a team effort.

If Mom likes pretty flowers, Iris, or Classical Music this could be part of the few relaxing and peaceful moments she actually gets on her day.  Just a thought.





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Finding Joy

If you aim the camera enough a little luck will find it’s way in.  Last week the star of today’s video wandered into the yard while we happened to be standing at the kitchen window.  We were getting ready to shoot the Ice Cream Cake sequence.  So the camera was at hand.

I don’t know if it was the moss or something an animal had marked it with but to paraphrase a line from “When Harry Met Sally” I would like to have some of what she is having.  Or maybe just something that had the same effect.

This is one happy squirrel.  Enjoy.


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Olive’s Birthday Card

One of my cousin’s has a beautiful daughter named Olive.  Today (April 10th) is her third birthday.  In honor of the occasion Karen and I set out to produce a cute little greeting.

The result was a two and a half minute birthday cake fantasy.  We aren’t at all sure it will hold her attention or yours but we liked it and that is always a good place to start.

We are happy to hear any and all feedback on this little project.  Besides if I am not continually reminded that a piece of my soul is forfeit every time a movie runs over two minutes there is not telling where my imagination will lead.

We promise that amusing and relaxing nature videos will return with the very next post.

Happy Birthday Olive


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Fannette Island

Welcome back.  We are getting ever closer to the day when these little movies will be available for you to use as a way to tell your own story.  But it is a slow go and I am ready for a break.  You are not the only one who uses this blog as an opportunity to get away without leaving your desk.

This week that means a circumnavigation of Fannette Island.  The only island in Lake Tahoe.  It sits in the middle of Emerald Bay.

This winter has been mild.  Snow at water level is confined to north facing shores giving the island a very different look from either side.  I hope you enjoy both.


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Bathing Beauties

Come on in.  The water is fine.

The birds splash and the sun turns the drops into flying crystals.  Not that they notice.  Though our avian friends do seem to enjoy themselves, even as they protect their precious pecking order.

If you are watching on an older computer or over a slower connection this one may require some patience.  All that detail and sparkle drives the compressor nuts resulting in a large file.

It also runs a little long.  I watch each post multiple times prior to posting and this time I got tired of cutting before I got tired of watching.  Hopefully, you won’t want it to end.

There will be no blog next week.  A project is due and time is running.  My apologies.  We will be back the following week with more natural beauty to share.

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Vegas Baby

Las Vegas exists in a world half way between spectacle and spectacular.  With so much of the former preventing it from ever becoming the latter.  Which doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy three amazing sights.

The biggest light show in the desert is sunset.  Consistently amazing.  Not that people with strip view rooms ever see it.

Then there are the fountains at Bellagio.  Setting the bar for man made spectacle.  They are the pulsing heart of the strip.

Finally there are the crowds.  The most amazing spectacle of them all.  Trudging the streets at one in the morning suggests you are not having the night of your life.  And experience would suggest that many in the crowd have blood alcohol rates higher then they will be in the morning.

Here is a crowd with a problem.  The intersection blocks it’s path.  Taxi’s swarm like alligators on a riverbank.  The crowd coming the other way as full of edgy, disappointed and short fused drunks.  The light changes and it all works.

The light, the insanity of the taxi drivers and the possibility of being smacked if you bump into someone turns chaos into order.  Suddenly everyone is as cooperative and coordinated as a school of fish.

It is as taken for granted as the first two spectacles but it says more good things about tolerance and the future of society than a thousand politicians and preachers.  Of course I was drinking that night too.

Sorry to be so wordy, enjoy the trip to Vegas, baby.


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