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A different look at the real world.

Finding Joy

If you aim the camera enough a little luck will find it’s way in.  Last week the star of today’s video wandered into the yard while we happened to be standing at the kitchen window.  We were getting ready to … Continue reading

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Olive’s Birthday Card

One of my cousin’s has a beautiful daughter named Olive.  Today (April 10th) is her third birthday.  In honor of the occasion Karen and I set out to produce a cute little greeting. The result was a two and a … Continue reading

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Fannette Island

Welcome back.  We are getting ever closer to the day when these little movies will be available for you to use as a way to tell your own story.  But it is a slow go and I am ready for … Continue reading

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Bathing Beauties

Come on in.  The water is fine. The birds splash and the sun turns the drops into flying crystals.  Not that they notice.  Though our avian friends do seem to enjoy themselves, even as they protect their precious pecking order. … Continue reading

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Vegas Baby

Las Vegas exists in a world half way between spectacle and spectacular.  With so much of the former preventing it from ever becoming the latter.  Which doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy three amazing sights. The biggest light show in the … Continue reading

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Will You Be My Valentine??

Alfredo has cornered his heart’s desire.  He is overwhelmed with the idea that she is interested.  Nothing can contain his enthusiasm.  He surrenders to the moment and sings … a drinking song.  Luckily, Violetta knows the words. Is that really … Continue reading

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Winter Beach

The weather outside may still be frightful but on California’s beaches the problem is the early sunset.  If you want to walk the dog or surf or stroll you have to get after it pretty early in the evening. It … Continue reading

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