Welcome to the SlowTV sketchbook.  It is fun to imagine screens full of sunsets, crashing waves, playful birds, cityscapes, and boat tours.  Making it happen might politely be described as rewarding.

These movies are experiments in connecting those pretty ideas with actual results.  Sometimes expectations are adjusted.  Other times exceeded.  It is always an adventure.  Making a movie is altogether different from imagining one.  But imagining is how we start.

Our motivation is the idea that screens (television, tablet and computer) could be more interesting, prettier and far more inviting.  Filled with full-on motion pictures of the world we share.  Pictures that evolve, using light and motion instead of narrative.  We call it SlowTV.  We make it, we watch it and we share it.

Every Wednesday we publish a two minute movie.  An idea imagined at the kitchen counter, taken into the field, passed through the camera, edited in one software package before being compressed by another and then uploaded to You Tube to be linked to this blog.

Not an easy trip.  Ideas fall out along the way.  We hope you enjoy the ones that make it.  They can be a two minute break or a weekly go at film criticism.  Either way your comments are welcome.  Visit often, stay long.

If you are a subscriber who would like one of these films as a screensaver please ask.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Wednesday.


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