Fog Blog

Along the coast of the San Francisco peninsula fog doesn’t settle.  It invades.

The fog spends it’s day piling up on the ocean side of the hills.  As the day wears on some of it rises to the level of a low spot and the invasion is on.

It probably occurs in other places but when I saw it for the first time I saw it here.  And I never tire of it’s aggressive variations.  The air where I am filming is warm and relatively still.  Across the valley it’s another story.

There is no greeting card version of these clouds.  I filmed them because I liked them and I hope you do also.  You are always welcome to visit and see what is new on the greetings side of things.  Once Upon a Greeting


About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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