Suburban Sprawl

Sprawl has made it’s way to Moraga.  Not the human kind.  That has been here for a while.  We are talking the avian variety.  Some of you will remember the 2010 Christmas DVD built around three bird feeders.  A great deal of seed has been passed since then.

You will notice the increase in feeders.  Followed, not surprisingly, by the increase in birds.  All of them ready for a nice breakfast.

We would like to think they are so happy with what’s on offer that they sing it’s praises.  But matching the song to the action makes it seem they are being direct if not rude about who gets to eat where.   Still, their songs were so sweet I decided to play them as they were taped (cars in the background) instead of deleting the cars and replacing them with bits taken later in the day.  The result will make more sense to those who speak bird.



About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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One Response to Suburban Sprawl

  1. Don says:

    Cute and pleasant. Nice editing.

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