Cardiff Crazy

There is a good kind of crazy.  The self aware kind that comes with a sense of humor.  It is found anywhere people take the bad with the good and still see the bright side of things.  Places like Cardiff, Wales for example.

When the city sat center stage, coal barges leaving on the ebb, returning on the flood with money, the Marquis offered the city a zoo.  The town council, too wise to accept a gift that needed feeding, said no.  So the Marquis had escaping wild animals carved onto the castle walls.

Later the coal barges went away.  Leaving only mud flats.  So the city dammed out the tides and made a lake.

And as recently as our visit they were still finding ways to enjoy the day.  Still being the right kind of crazy.

Returning to London we found  the Great Western Railroad Band providing a soundtrack for travellers right in the middle of the station.  Another layer of crazy.  We hope you enjoy them all.



About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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One Response to Cardiff Crazy

  1. Don says:

    That hand-held second sequence was as bad as the French bicycle ride. The boat ride was better.
    I’m guessing you prefer the same language experience better than struggling with French from high school. True?

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