Sunday Drive

Wanna go for a ride?

There has been a lot of rain this winter.  The sort of curse snowbound friends and relatives might envy.  But a curse all the same.  When the sun does break through the urge to get outside can be overwhelming.  A visit to the Napa Valley might even be in order.   Such was the case last Sunday.

Of course we needed a fig leaf of a reason to make the trip.  As we have all the wine we need we decided to make a video shoot of it.  After all there is a sketch book of a blog waiting to be fed on Wednesdays.  Why not go see what we could do?

In pretty short order we located unwanted reflections, rough roads and lighting challenges (memo to sun: Please either stay away from the clouds or behind them).   In addition to all that, the trees were bare, the vines were dormant and the winter pruning was inconsistent.

But good things come to those who look.  The rain has coaxed the Mustard up a little sooner than usual.  It is a cover crop with many benefits.  The most important of which (as far as we are concerned) is that it is pretty.  Further down the road a bull free of civilized demands and herd responsibility takes a  moment for himself.  And everywhere the birds announce the arrival of better weather.

The manicured consistency of the vines mixed with the peaceful exuberance of the Mustard and the self indulgent lethargy of the bull encourage that sort of “All’s well with the World.”, feeling.  Something we could use a little more of.

Please join me for a SlowTV trip to the Napa Valley.  Two minutes does not do it justice but the rules of the game care nothing for justice.  Fortunately, our shooting from a moving car technique needs work.  I think we will be back.


About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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