The Run Off

John Muir was asked what a person should do if they only had one day in Yosemite.  He answered that they should sit by the river and cry.

This week’s clip would be the place to go if that was your intention.  It was taken in May.  The green of spring is reaching higher into the hills while winter’s ice is melting and starting for the ocean.  As pleasant a place to sit as Yosemite has on offer.

Of course, I had forgotten to bring a chair.  This was the first long format footage shot without the covering noise of waves or falls.  Unwilling to sit on wet gravel I wandered about for twenty minutes.  It sounds as though someone is constantly sneaking up on the camera.  Which is why I left the sound out.

I also left out eighteen minutes.  This clip runs for only two.  I think it is wonderful background scenery.  In my scenic Yosemite movie it gets to shine for almost twelve.  But it also doesn’t change much.  Two minutes should be enough for those of you that are humoring me (I sincerely appreciate it).

In addition to a chair the other lesson learned along that river is to carry binoculars.  The Merced runs between two roads through here.  The camera was at a spot as far from the road as possible.  I guess I wanted to be sure to record every step clearly.    Further up river the road runs immediately alongside it.  Something I didn’t notice until I saw the bus.  Worse, it wasn’t until I was watching it at home on the big TV that I saw all the cars. Sunglasses and a viewfinder are no substitute for binoculars when setting up a shot.

Some of what I have learned in making and distributing these clips is highly technical.  A lot might more politely be called practical.

Please join me along the Merced for a couple of minutes.  If you have never spent a day in Yosemite you might want to bring a tissue.


About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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