The Rising Moon

To the casual observer I may not appear to be a man with new Google email and You Tube accounts but the honor is indeed mine.  This week’s clip has made the Wednesday deadline but only by the most flexible of measures.  Oh well.

In this installment of SlowTV I deliberately allowed the rising moon to be over exposed in order to capture the colors in the sky and the reflection of the moonlight.  The result is a moon that comes across a little sunish.  But also a lovely array of colors and reflections.

The other issue is sound.  There is no better way to start a conversation than to set up a tripod.  And when you do it at a scenic overlook the noise is compounded.  But everyone at the overlook was as awed by the setting sun and rising moon as Karen and I were.  So it seemed in the spirit of things to leave them in along with the natural sound of the waves.

The middle has been cut in order to keep the movie under three minutes.  If watching the movie makes you wish you had been there then it worked.  As always I welcome subscribers and I invite comments. Have a nice Halloween!


About Paul and Karen Brisson

Producers of SlowTV. Scenic videos that use light and motion to explore the natural world. We make them, watch them and enjoy sharing them. Please watch and comment.
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