Something totally new to this blog. Video with a very small story arch. It has been a couple of weeks since the last post and this is getting a lot of good reviews so I am crossing the line from card to blog instead of the more usual blog to card. I hope you like it.

As always there is more where his came from back at Once Upon a Greeting.

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As hot and dry as it is, Palm Springs does receive the occasional summer storm. The clouds roll up, wind whips the foliage, lightening sparks, thunder rolls and almost none of the rain reaches the the 104 degree ground. But it is pretty.

As everyone knows by now, we are working hard to turn these scenic videos into a video greeting card business. Now that the website is working (don’t ask) it is time for a little marketing. Over the Labor Day weekend every blog subscriber will be made a member of Once Upon a Greeting. The additional subscription is FREE and runs through the end of January 2015 (yes, 2015). There is no obligation to use or even look at the site. But you might like it. And if you know someone else who might also enjoy it sign them up for this blog by Sunday night and we will set them up as well.

An email with your username and password will arrive next Tuesday. Enjoy your Labor Day. Hopefully, the skies will be clear. If not, I hope they are as pretty as this one.

The rules of embedding have changed in the past month. I apologize for any confusion. Thank you.

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Magnolia Buzz

It hasn’t been a productive summer in terms of yard work.  Too much time at the keyboard.  So blooms on the magnolia tree came as a surprise.  Something that was no secret to the bees.

The result is this my 100th blog (wow!).  It does have bees and it is a little long (two and a half minutes) but it came together nicely.  I couldn’t bring myself to chop it to two minutes.

Hopefully, you are due for two and a half minutes of relaxation.  But if 30 seconds is all you can spare, a little of this and a couple of deep breaths will help you change gears.

I’m guessing this will turn into a get well card as well as a frame for custom cards.  But not until tomorrow.  If you want to see how they work out visit us at OnceUponaGreeting.

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Fog Blog

Along the coast of the San Francisco peninsula fog doesn’t settle.  It invades.

The fog spends it’s day piling up on the ocean side of the hills.  As the day wears on some of it rises to the level of a low spot and the invasion is on.

It probably occurs in other places but when I saw it for the first time I saw it here.  And I never tire of it’s aggressive variations.  The air where I am filming is warm and relatively still.  Across the valley it’s another story.

There is no greeting card version of these clouds.  I filmed them because I liked them and I hope you do also.  You are always welcome to visit and see what is new on the greetings side of things.  Once Upon a Greeting

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Fireworks for the 4th

There is no other country where the cloak and dagger crowd  lives in fear of their employees and lots of countries where employees live in fear of the cloak and dagger crowd.  Reason enough to love the United States of America.

We were founded by revolutionaries and we have always idolized the brave.  If you are going to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave you gotta know some of those free, brave people will upset you.  Oddly, it continues to beat the alternatives.

We also throw a heck of a party.  If you aren’t in the mood, maybe this will help.  It is a little short but it ends with a bang.  Thanks for stopping by.

We took a few seconds off of the show and lowered the music when we set it up as a Greeting.  If you are a Once Upon a Greeting subscriber you can send our more personalized version.  If not you are always welcome to forward the blog.

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Our Kickstarter Starter

As I have gone on about, we are trying to get a Greeting Card business off the ground.  We are now up to the part of the adventure where we raise money for new computers through a Kickstarter campaign.

You will  be glad to hear I am not asking for money.  I am after your opinion.  Details about what everything costs will be in the written bits that accompany the campaign.   The goal of the movie is to make sponsors aware of custom work we do and encourage them to work with us.  Do you think this video accomplishes that?

I have also posted this on FB.  There is not a lot of overlap in the two groups but if you are part of it you are not obliged to watch this twice.  The scenic videos I have cut my teeth on will return with the next posting.  I promise.

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Proud as a

If pride goes before a fall then this old boy should probably not look down.  It was pretty clear he thought this fifty square yards of Florida was his.  Maybe it is.

I think there is a graduation card in it.  You are welcome to see how that works out on Thursday at;

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